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The City, the ideal suspension
for the urban environment

Finally a comfortable and maintenance-free city bike!

Product details

torque link image.png

The city was imagined and developed for the urban environment. Thanks to patented Torque Link technology, the position, layout and number of suspension parts allow significant savings in terms of mass, reliability, production cost and maintenance.

torque link_Plan de travail 1.png

100% of the characteristics are adaptable according to the wishes of the customers

City Motion 120922 sans fond.png


  • 40mm travel

  • pulled composite leaf spring (spring rate automatically adjusts to rider weight)

  • anti-dive

  • optimized for riders between 50 and 120 kg and bikes up to 40 kg 



If you would like to participate in the manufacture of the La City pendant lamp, contact us.



Cycle professionals, if you wish to equip your bikes with the City or directly exploit this technology (through the sale of suspension under your own brand), contact us.

Note that the City can be adapted on request (example: cargo bikes, scooters, etc.)



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