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The January 2022 newsletter


The Motion team wishes you a wonderful year!

In 2022, the Motion team will present no less than 5 new products/technologies that you can discover and test at the Pass'portes du Soleil, Vélo Vert Festival, PRODAYS and Eurobike shows.

2022 will also be the year of the release of new showcase products. We won't tell you more.

Stay informed and connected!

Open house day

Thursday, January 13 was a great day for our team, as the workshop doors were opened to members of CARA Active Mobility, the mobility division of CARA Transport & Mobility Systems.

The program included a presentation of the company's history, a tour of the design and prototyping areas of the workshop, visualization of stress tests and, to round off the day, testing of our patented technologies.

This day was very enriching and allowed us to meet the actors of the bicycle industry in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region who show a real dynamism!

Focus on our patent : slider ©

This month, we unveil the patent: slider ©.

The slider © makes the difference between a shock that must be absorbed and vibrations that must be filtered.

Thanks to the Slider, the piston is disconnected in the presence of vibrations (no oil displacement) and connects automatically and instantly in the presence of a shock in order to displace the oil and dissipate the energy.

The result ?

  • More comfort

  • More grip

  • More endurance (no oil overheating)

E18/E18+ : end of production

MOTION's first showcase product: the E18/E18+ was produced from 2018 to 2021.

Many thanks to our customers for their trust and feedback in the field that has advanced the technology.

Indeed this is not the end of Motion enduro forks, our team is actively working on the future of this discipline!

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